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March the month of Knowledge

March ... if you have my calendar you know this is the month of Knowledge!! 2021 ‘In the Pursuit of Excellence’ ~being wise and knowledgeable are traits of ‘Excellence’!! Excellence isn’t about being perfect, but striving to be Your Best Self! Only compared to who you were yesterday. I am not in competition with anyone other than myself.

Although, I am striving for ’Excellence’, I only compare myself to who I was yesterday. That way I can see improvement and get motivation to continue. If I consistently compare myself to who I’m trying to be, I may get discouraged because I’m so far off. I

to keep my emotions positive, in order to be successful on my journey.

We are almost done with the first quarter of 2021, are you on track to reach your goals? Join my FB group ‘In the Pursuit of Excellence’! You were Built to Excel!! #lifecoach #wisdom #knowledge #committedtoexcellence #luv4learning #entrepreneur


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