Financial Freedom Friday

Affirmation: I AM Financially Free!

I am going to be totally transparent. My story is the perfect example of what NOT to do! That’s why I coach people about their finances. This battle has been a steep, downhill slope since I became an adult. I didn’t know anything about having good credit or money management; and I got the worst advice.

My story...

I had a beautiful baby boy May 1999, I was 20 years old. I was attending Baker College, working at Veterans office and a Marine weekend warrior. The military gave me the choice of giving up custody of my son and stay in the military or be discharged. I chose to be a full time mom 😁! I also stayed in college. Bad advice #1: max student grants and loans

I was a new mom, no job. Oh yea, lost my job too. (My job was a military/school work study position.) I did’nt know any better, didn't seem that bad; and I followed this ill advice. Fast forward 2008. I get my Bachelors degree!! 🏆. I now have maxed out student loans with accumulating compounding interest.

Bad advice #2: stay in school and continue to get loans

At this point, I am a single mom 2 kids and an ignorant mindset. I listened. Fast forward 2019 over six figures in student loan debt -no bankruptcy cure, AND its accumulating compound interest. In between the years, I’ve paid off all my debt twice (except student loans) and couldn’t figure out how to get a score above 650. I started really studying money. I have learned so much!! I can tell you about a couple more $$ traps and how to get out the hole. That’s just the tip of the ice berg. Let me help you become financially free!!

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