L4L Wealth Foundation Building

Growing financially is a process.  Financial Literacy covers a wide range of information.  L4L is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to achieve the first step to Building Wealth and building a strong foundation.

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A strong financial foundation consists of good money habits, a strong safety net, a good credit score, and a plan.  We'll introduce you to the concept of overall financial wellness.  After you complete the steps, you'll be able to successfully manage your finances better! 


We'll Help You Learn...


What ‘Wealth Habits” are and how to incorporate them

How to Manage finances

▪ Prepare for financial emergencies

▪ Prepare for financial opportunities

▪ How to Create a Budget

▪ Create a plan to achieve financial goals

▪ How to Obtain and maintain good credit

The Benefits...

At the end of the successful completion, you'll will receive …

  1. Certificate of completion

  2. Successful Habits

  3. Step by Step plan to reach your 1-year Financial Goal

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Wealth Foundation Building 


  • Preparing the mind for money consciousness

  • Money Plan

  • Magic of Saving

  • Track Expenses

  • Give/Volunteer

Safety Net

  • Insurance

  • Emergency Plan

  • Save to Invest

  • Retirement

  • Self-care


  • Factors of credit score

  • What is ‘Credit Score’ and why do we need it?

  • How do you get and keep good credit?

  • Credit Repair

  • #1 reason to have good credit

Personalized GPS

  • Budget

  • Adulting Checklist

  • Increase Cashflow

  • 1-year Financial Goal

  • Personalized Action Steps