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Setup Sunday

Sunday is the day I like to get prepared for the week! I meal prep, clean, wash clothes, and any other task I need to complete to put me ahead of the game. Prepping has saved me so many times. Have you ever heard the saying “Stay Ready, so you don’t have to get ready”? I’m sure weekly prep is part of their routine. It has saved me from being hungry; (when people are hangry, it can get scary). Having my clothes prepped means less time spent deciding on what to wear. In my household it’s just me, and for whatever reason around Thursday daily housework goes out the window 🪟. Deep cleaning on Sunday improves my environment which improves my attitude.

Getting ready for the day can be simpler and happier if you plan ahead!! For food prep ideas join my L4L membership $21/mo for 2021 on my website:

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