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Mega Mindset Monday

Good Morning ☀️,

I am up reminiscing about my god-mom; Judy. She was an Amazing woman. My favorite memories of her were in her home. I would drop by and we would talk for hours. I knew her from church but she never judged me. She always made me feel loved. She passed away yesterday and I really want to cry and sit at home. However, that would not be a good representation of her legacy. In this month’s book: ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins. He talks about controlling emotions in a different way than I’ve ever heard before. Deciding how you are going to feel. I used to get very depressed when I lost a loved one. Now, I try to honor that person’s Legacy with my life! Ma Judy was a Virtuous Woman. I have been on a mission to become a Virtuous Woman, but I will Go Harder now! I will Accomplish my Goals in Life! This is our time! Let’s go about life with more Purpose than ever before! #committed2excellence #megamindsetmonday #luv4learning

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