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Life is unpredictable! At anytime, anything can happen. Some things you just can’t plan for; like having a special needs child or handicap parents. Most emergencies can be planned for in advance so it doesn’t have a huge negative impact on your life. Let’s use fire as an example of an emergency 🚨.

A fire happens in your home 🏡. How can you prepare for this emergency?

  1. Homeowners or rental insurance will cover belongings and home repairs.

  2. I used to do fire drills with my kids so they knew what to do, where to meet, and how to call for help.

  3. Have important paperwork in fire/flood proof safe.

  4. Emergency fund will take care of immediate needs.

  5. Life insurance policy just in case you don’t survive.

There are many types of emergencies. Make sure you are ready! Plan and prepare for them so you are not caught off guard.

Tip: emergencies look for the unprepared.


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