This Seminar is 2 1⁄2 hours long each course and 1 course per week for 4 weeks. The seminar will include a cooking demonstration; pre-registration is required. It will also include a 31-day challenge planner with a folder and worksheets for the attendees to use as a tool to launch them into the next level of their life. The worksheets focus on helping people improve themselves, their health, and their wealth. In this course....

♥ Write Goals

♥ Create a Plan of Action for those goals

♥ Cooking demonstrations on preparing healthy meals on a budget and a taste test afterward

♥ Create a Budget

♥ Create Financial GPS to hit Financial Goals

♥ Learn about Credit Reports and how to improve credit score

♥Banking 101

Genesee County is rated at the worst place in America to live. Flint, Michigan is rated #3 in the nation for crime. At Luv4Learning we believe that if we help people to believe in themselves the crime rate will decrease, and it will not be the worst place to live. We also believe that if we can teach people how to prepare healthy food for their family in budget it will decrease the number of children with diabetes in the Genesee County area. It will also help offset the affect of lead in the body from the water. We also believe that if we teach people basic banking skills and how to fix their credit, it will help decrease crime in our neighborhood. Educated people are more likely to hold down a job and be responsible citizens. The completion of the activities in the challenge can be used as a tool to help people live a happier, healthier, and wealthier lives!